Gimel Dick

Gimel Dick

Software Engineer

Experienced software engineer with a strong background in developing web applications. Adaptable, and skilled in Python and TypeScript and an wide array of web technologies. Passionate about solving complex problems and delivering high-quality software.


  • Proficient in Python, TypeScript, React, Node.js, Express, Postgres etc
  • Experience with REST APIs, Graphql, microservices, CI/CD, Git, Docker etc
  • Worked with NextJS, Nuxtjs, Remix, Redwood, Strapi, NestJS, Django, Angular, Laravel etc
  • Knowledge of web application architecture and design patterns

Work Experience

V75, INC.

Software Engineer | Jul 2019 - Mar 2021

I worked on many internal and external projects (for local companies). This involved maintaining existing codebases, building out backend systems, designing and implementing UI dashboards, working with docker to deploy systems, and building conversational AI experiences.


Software Engineer (Consultant) | Mar 2021 - Current

  • Lead engineer for the TrueSelph Web Platform which which streamlined the development and coordination of AI agents.
  • My involvement involved building, designings, maintaining, and deploying the TrueSelph Platform and website chat widgets.
  • I also worked on open-source developer tools for the Jac programming language that powers TrueSelph (Jac Language Extension and Jaseci Studio)


Jac Language Extension

The Jac Language Extension is a VSCode plugin that features a language server, syntax highlighting and code snippets for the Jac language.

Jaseci Studio

Jaseci Studio is a developer tool designed for visualizing and managing Jaseci graphs.

Nexus U Platform

A platform built for the Nexus U organization to supplement training and collaboration amogsts individuals and organizations.


TrueSelph is a platform that empowers you to create and manage conversational AI agents (selphs) that are human-like in their appearance and speech, making them indistinguishable from real people. It provides a suite of tools for distributing and tracking usage of your AI Agent across many platforms, so you can reach your users anywhere.


Bachelor, Business & Information Technology | Oct 2021 - Oct 2024